I grew up skint, now I make £4k a day on OnlyFans

AN OnlyFans model who grew up in foster care is now living a lavish lifestyle after becoming a financial dominatrix.

Alissa Quinn, 21, demands money from men eager to please her – dubbed ‘paypigs’ in adult entertainment circles – which helps her to travel the world.

The sex worker, from Edinburgh, stumbled into the industry by mistake but now reckons it’s the best decision she ever made with some clients gifting as much as £50,000.

Alissa, who used to work in a call centre, says: “When it came to joining OnlyFans, I signed up literally the minute I turned 18.

“It all depends how much effort I want to put into my page but on a good day I can make up to £4,000 and my yearly salary is way better than those who work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks of the year which blows my mind. 

“I didn’t grow up with much money and have actually been in foster care since the age of 14 so going through everything I’ve gone through to now make so much money and be so successful is amazing.

“I always joked if I ever had a news article about me the title would be foster care to millionaire.”

Alissa, who has been with her boyfriend for four years, knows the stigma attached to people in her line of work.

But her partner as well as foster parents support her decision to do ‘Findom’ full-time after she was outed by her old bosses at work when they found her profile.

While it may sound strange that men would willingly give money away to someone for free, Alissa says it’s big business for women in the industry.

Alissa, who earns enough to spend a couple of weeks travelling every month, explains: “Findom is when men get off on sending money. I first started after reading about it online.

“I set up Twitter account and started tweeting selfies with my middle finger up and demanding that I get sent money for my coffee or Amazon gift cards.

“On my first night of tweeting I had a paypig send me £200 in Amazon gift cards then I got a brand new iPhone bought for me the following month.

“All I had to do was keep up with tweeting and putting #Findom so people could find me.

“My biggest paypig has sent me about £50,000 within two years. 

“From a guys’ perspective I think most of the time it’s loneliness and so paying for my nails gives them a bit of worthiness.

“But for some guys it’s because they are a manager or business owner so they are normally the ones doing the bossing around and they love it when someone else bosses them around and takes their hard earned money.”

Though OnlyFans has afforded Alissa a lifestyle she used to dream about, it hasn’t always been easy.

She lost her best friend after her boyfriend subscribed to her account and reckons she only has pals in the industry now after working from her phone 24/7.

But the model, who has clients across America and Europe, would recommend the platform to others who want to take control of their own lives.

Alissa says: “I think that OnlyFans is great for making money as long as you are willing to work hard.

“Some days my hands hurt after replying to so many messages. 

“I definitely think if you want to do OnlyFans that you need to be happy with everyone finding out you do it but if you’re fine with that then why not?

“OnlyFans can be a massive confidence booster and a lot of women can live their best lives if they stop holding themselves back and just do it.”

“Most of my paypigs have been like my best friends that I could chat with one minute and demand money the next.