Horror for spectators as man killed after motorbike hits a walk

A 57-year-old spectator was killed and two others were injured when a Speedway driver crashed into a retaining wall – showering onlookers with shrapnel. 

Paul Ballenger, 57, from Royston, Georgia, died on Saturday night at the Hartwell Speedway following the freak accident. 

According to county sheriff Mike Cleveland, Ballenger lost his life when one of the drivers, during the later races of the evening, lost control of his car’s steering and crashed into a wall.

Parts of the car flew through the air after the accident, cutting through a chain link fence designed to protect fans in attendance, and hit members of the audience.

Ballenger sadly died at the scene, according to police, while another unidentified man in his 30s was injured as well as a nine-year-old child.

Meanwhile the driver of the Speedway car managed to walk away unharmed.