Horror as grandmother with dementia, 100, ‘decapitated by her own grandson with axe’

In a tragic and shocking incident in Germany, a man allegedly murdered his 100-year-old grandmother, Amalie G, who was suffering from dementia. According to local media reports on the trial, the 37-year-old grandson, identified as Artur B, stands accused of her manslaughter. The prosecution alleges that he used an axe to carry out this gruesome act.

Amalie G was found decapitated in her home in Germany in March, and the incident was initially thought to be related to a dispute between the two over finances. However, it is now suggested that Artur, who was responsible for caring for his grandmother, became overwhelmed by her care needs and symptoms.

During the horrific incident, it is reported that Amalie tried to defend herself with a cordless vacuum cleaner, but Artur allegedly continued the attack, inflicting 16 blows on her, hitting her shoulders, head, and neck, with the final blow severing her spinal cord.

Artur, described as the ‘black sheep’ of the family and an unemployed former soldier and chemical plant worker, has undergone treatment for psychological problems, including medication. He has also consulted with a psychiatrist while in custody, who is assessing his criminal responsibility at the time of the incident.

This is a deeply distressing case, and the trial is ongoing as more details are uncovered.

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