Hairy Bikers’ Dave Myers issues heartbreaking message over cancer battle

The Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers conveyed a poignant five-word message on the latest episode of The Hairy Bikers Go West.

The brand new series follows Simon ‘Si’ King and Dave, 66, as they explore the west coast of the UK following Dave’s completion of cancer treatment. Dave had not specified the type of cancer he battled following the announcement of his treatment in May 2022. He briefly took a hiatus from work before filming the latest series, The Hairy Bikers Go West.

In the latest episode, the duo ventured through Lancashire, which held an emotional significance for Dave as it’s his birthplace. Towards the end of the episode, Dave and Si chose to reflect on their journey, each sharing heartfelt sentiments.

Si expressed, “It’s great getting back here with my best mate. We didn’t think 18 months ago that we’d be on the bikes again wandering around Dave’s backyard, and it’s wonderful that we are.” Meanwhile, with a smile, Dave added, “It’s been glorious. The motorcycling’s been glorious. What can I say… it feels so good to be alive!”

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