Fuel shortages hit AGAIN across England as petrol stations close and drivers start queuing

Motorists are being warned against panic buying at petrol stations this weekend following a wave of closures due to supply chain issues – after various eco-mobs blocked oil terminals across the south this week.  

Many petrol stations across England are closed after running out of fuel following days of disruption from Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil, who glued themselves to roads at major depots, chained themselves to pipes and trucks and even crawled through a depot’s tunnel network. 

The eco-warriors have vowed further disruption this weekend as a huge protest got underway in central London on Saturday afternoon that they warned would be ‘impossible to ignore.’

Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire and parts of the capital have been particularly impacted today, with the many filling stations closed or suffering with long queues as people tried to fill up.   

Tesco petrol station at Bar Hill in Cambridge and the petrol station at Cambridge Services on the A14 both ran out of fuel on Friday after motorists flocked to both sites to refuel.

The BP station in Soham was also closed and the Tesco petrol station in Newmarket, Suffolk, had long queues before they finally ran out on Saturday morning.  

It comes after multiple garages also ran dry in Peterborough and Birmingham on Friday. 

Londoners have also complained of struggling to fill up today, as one tweeted: ‘Why is no one talking about the fact there’s no petrol again? I’ve been all over the place and ended up having to come home on empty.’ 

Another said late last night: ‘No petrol in London petrol stations. Tried four petrol stations all closed.’

Meanwhile Balan Nadarajah, manager at Abingdon BP garage in Oxfordshire, told the Oxford Mail that the petrol station had completely run out of diesel, adding that he suspects the blockades are to blame. 

He said: ‘We haven’t got any diesel at all; we only have 4,000 litres of unleaded which we will probably run out of today.

‘Hopefully we will have a delivery, but we haven’t had any news from BP yet.’   

A store manager from a BP on Launton Road told the paper: ‘We don’t know when we’re getting our next lot of fuel. We’ll be out of everything in the next 20 minutes.’