Friends of Meghan Markle reveal her heartbreak

Meghan Markle left her beloved dog Bogart behind in Canada because he and Harry don’t get on, pals of the couple claim.

Insiders say dog lover Meghan was in bits when she chose to leave her first “baby” behind when taking up residence with her new husband Prince Harry. 

The Sussexes are currently living in Tyler Perry’s swanky Beverley Hills mega mansion – with Bogart’s brother beagle, Guy, and a black labrador, Pula, adopted by the couple shortly before they stepped back from royal duties.

While his brother enjoys the family life, labrador-german shepherd cross Bogart is “staying with friends” in Toronto.

The family split is not without regrets, reports say, and Meghan, 40, is said to be heartbroken over leaving him behind back in 2017.

It was thought Bogart would be reunited with his mum when the family returned to LA, but a close associate has told The Sun the pooch will stay in the doghouse to avoid a family fallout.