Fans shocked as BBC Radio 1 legend QUITS

Jordan North has quit Radio One’s legendary Going Home show after a decade on the BBC programme. Following his significant announcement, it was revealed that Jamie Laing, 35, will take his place – Monday to Thursday, 3.30 pm to 6 pm – next to radio co-host Vick Hope.

Starting on March 4, the former Made In Chelsea star will permanently replace the 34-year-old host, who has recently become an avid podcaster.

In the original announcement post, bosses penned: ‘Radio 1 will be saying goodbye to Jordan North. Jordan has been behind some of the most hilarious and entertaining moments on air over the years and has been a constant source of inspiration’.

Fans were left dismayed over the news, with one fuming listener writing on Twitter: ‘Ffs radio 1 has turned into the posh boys club’.

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