A man who murdered a woman walking home alone before dismembering her body above a kebab shop has been jailed for life.

Azam Mangori, 24, was found guilty of the murder of Lorraine Cox, 32, earlier this month.

A court heard that he came across his intoxicated victim in the early hours of September 1 last year as she walked home in Exeter.

Mangori, jailed for at least 20 years, then took Ms Cox back to property and likely suffocated her before dismembering the body, it was said.

The failed asylum seeker had a sexual encounter with her in an alleyway which he recorded on his mobile phone before he helped her to his flat above a kebab shop where he murdered her after a sex session.

Mr Justice Garnham jailed him for life and will serve 20 years before being considered for parole, saying:”You chose to kill Lorraine Cox by suffocating her.

“By your qctions your murdered this bright, vivacious, intelligent young woman who had her whole life ahead of her.”

The judge said Miss Cox was ‘incapacitated by drink’ when Mangori suffocated her by stuffing her vest into her mouth.

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