Exact time blackouts will hit homes tonight

The National Grid has issued a power shortage warning for tonight as it faces ‘tightness’ on its capacity.

In the first warning of this kind since August, the electricity network operator said it may struggle to match demand during this evening’s peak from 7pm.

It means home may suffer power issues as many people are turning on their appliances after getting home from work.

It comes as temperatures are set to drop in the coming days as a winter chill sweeps the UK.

The grid had planned to pay some homes to reduce consumption for an hour from 5.30pm from today in a trial run of its new Demand Flexibility Scheme.

The nation is going into the winter cold snap with the tightest supply buffer in seven years.

The National Grid Website says: “The notices are intended to be a signal that the risk of a System Stress Event in the GB electricity network is higher than under normal circumstances.”

Phil Hewitt, director at Enappsys, told the Daily Telegraph: “This is the first tight day of the winter but it is not super tight. 

“It is a small appetizer of tightness, there will be much tighter days ahead.”