Ex-Royal Marine in Kabul forced to put dogs down with Taliban just 10 minutes away

An ex-Royal Marine was forced to put down dogs at a Kabul shelter as the Taliban take Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul.

Former Royal Marines Commando Pen Farthing set up a charity to save street animals in Afghanistan in 2007, and has issued a plea to the UK after the Taliban captured most of the country and swept into the capital.

Speaking from his base in Afghanistan, Pen said in a Facebook video: “This is it. Everything we have worked for over the last few years is over.” 

PlymouthLive reported that Pen said Taliban fighters were just “ten minutes away.” 

He called on the government to step in and help the charity’s staff reach safety in the UK and pledged: “I’m not leaving until they are safe.”

But, he said, some of the older, injured dogs at the shelter in Kabul would have to be put down.

Well-wishers immediately pledged thousands of pounds towards his ‘Operation Ark’ to get 25 Afghan staff and 200 of the charity’s animals out of the stricken country as the Taliban move in.

He also reserved scathing criticism for Western governments which, he said, had let down the Afghan people.

Celebrities including comedian Ricky Gervais and actor Peter Egan have pledged their support as part of a campaign to raise funds and lobby the UK government for help.