Ex-EastEnders star wows fans as she shows off curves in nude lingerie

Former EastEnders star Melissa Suffield has paraded her stunning curves on Instagram, wowing her fans and followers in sexy nude lingerie.

Melissa, who is best known for playing Lucy Beale in the BBC One soap EastEnders, has recently turned to body positivity. 

On Saturday (August 21) Melissa stripped down to nude lingerie as she showcased her stunning curves for an Instagram snap. 

The soap star’s Instagram handle has recently been changed to ‘the.confidentmama’ since becoming a body positive advocate. 

With 25,000 followers, she proved her level of confidence as she posed in nude mesh lingerie in her most recent snap. 

Captioning the photo with a lengthy paragraph, Melissa penned: “Actually shaved my legs higher than the ankle to take this photo, so never let it be said that I don’t make an effort. Also remind me to find someone 8ft tall to just hang around with me and take photos because I’m digging this new angle for me.”

She said that she was “feeling very Botticelli painting gal being fed grapes by a flying baby sort of realness, and honestly, who doesn’t want to feel that sort of power? Power poses ftw”.

Fans flocked to the comments to praise the former EastEnders actress, with one saying: “I never had confidence to do this since having my boys but during my recent holiday I took photos of myself in a bikini that iv not worn it over 13 years and thought stuff it this is me now so be proud. You look beautiful!”