Pizza giant Domino’s has apologised after a worker at one of its restaurants was filmed appearing to pick his nose and wipe it in a large mass of dough.

The clip, filmed at a Japanese branch of the chain, went viral on Monday after it was shared on the Bakusai online forum. It shows an employee in a Domino’s uniform talking to the person behind the camera while kneading.

He then appears to stick a finger up his nose before rubbing it into the dough. Within hours of the video being uploaded, Domino’s Japan had posted on its X account to apologise.

The business explained that the man in the video was a part-time worker at one of its stores in Amagasaki City, near Osaka in the Hyogo Prefecture.

It vowed to ensure ‘something like this never happens again,’ adding: ‘We deeply apologise for making our valued customers uncomfortable.’

The pizza dough shown in the clip was being prepared for a 24-hour fermentation, the statement said, and was thrown out before it could be used.

Both the employee shown in the video and the one filming are facing punishment according to employment regulations, according to the Japan Times. The store in question has also suspended operations.

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