David Beckham weeps as he walks past Queen’s coffin  

David Beckham wiped a tear from his eye as he approached the Queen’s coffin following a 13-hour wait in the five-mile-long queue.

The football star joined the queue about 2am, bringing with him a box of doughnuts to share with fellow mourners.

A changing of the guard occurred moments before Beckham was due to reach the coffin.

He was emotional as he waited his turn to pay his respects to the Queen alongside the crown of thousands, seen wiping the corner of his eye and covering his mouth with his hand as he approached the front of the queue.

The father-of-four finally approached the Queen’s coffin about 3.30pm after lining up 13 hours, and spent just a few seconds to bow his head before moving on to make way for the people behind him.

He earlier told ITV news it was a ‘difficult’ and ‘sad’ day, recalling the ‘special moment’ he was awarded an OBE.  

‘To receive my OBE, I took my grandparents with me, who were the ones that really brought me up to be a huge royalist and a fan of the royal family, and obviously I had my wife there as well.

‘To step up, to get my honour, but then also Her Majesty, to ask questions, to talk, I was so lucky that I was able to have a few moments like that in my life, to be around Her Majesty.