Cruise ship banned from docking over major disease outbreak on board

A cruise ship en route to Mauritius has been prohibited from docking amid concerns of a potential cholera outbreak on board, as reported.

More than 2,000 passengers are presently stranded off the coast of East Africa, awaiting the results of testing that will determine whether they can proceed with their holiday or face an additional 10 days of quarantine.

Dutch tourist Esther Verdaas stated, ‘We are certainly not allowed to disembark until February 27. But that could take longer. Because someone on board may have cholera and if the culture indeed shows that, another ten days could be added.’

She informed BN DeStem that she and her family were on the trip for a sixtieth birthday celebration, but it has turned into a dismal experience of ‘aimless floating on the open sea.’

According to Verdaas, the captain announced over the tannoy that there was a cholera outbreak in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and it was possible that someone on board also had the gastrointestinal illness.

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