Council worker said paedo ‘deserves all he gets’ before leaking address to hunter mob 

A paedophile had a furious mob of 30 “hunters” trying to break into his home to “kill him” after a council worker leaked his address.

Chloe Carr, 23, told an anti-paedophile group that the “disgusting” sex offender “deserves all he gets” when she handed over his private information she obtained at Hull City Council in 2020. 

With 30 raging people outside his house, the convicted paedophile said he was warned to “get out now or they would kill him and burn down the property”, HullLive reports.

Carr deliberately dishing out the man’s address helped to “whip up a frenzy” and were “not a public service at all” Hull Crown Court heard, as it risked making him “unpredictable” and left the council scrambling to move him.

The customer services assistant who was heavily pregnant at the time has been ordered to pay a £500 fine but left court on Thursday giggling with pals on her way to a pub. 

Lockdown measures meant Carr was working from home when a colleague sent a message to a work group chat saying that a call had been received from a convicted sex offender.

The man called the council’s customer services team asking for a food parcel to be sent to him as he had been placed into emergency accommodation because his details had been put on Facebook. 

The address of where he would be living was shared by the chat group but Carr sent details of it to a Hull-based anti-paedophile group.

She told the online paedophile hunters that she had details on the sex offender but asked to be kept anonymous. She said in messages that it was “disgusting” that the sex offender was still in Hull and would be living near a school. 

Carr was asked by the anti-paedophile group if she had proof of the man’s details and replied: “Yes, everything is 100 per cent” and confirmed that she had his street address.

She said that she worked for Hull City Council and sent a screenshot of the sex offender’s address saying: “This can’t come back to me due to my work.”

Carr was thanked by the anti-paedophile group and she was told: “Thank you so much” and that details would be going online shortly. She replied: “Please don’t mention it’s come from the council.”

She said it could “come back to me” because of the disclosure.

“The defendant made it abundantly clear that she worked for Hull City Council and the information needed to be kept anonymous,” said Miss Baines. 

The sex offender contacted the police to say that he had received a food parcel from Hull City Council but that people were at his door trying to break into the property and he had been warned to “get out now or they would kill him and burn down the property”.