Council issues warning about scum found near Twatt

A Scottish local authority has issued a cautionary notice following the discovery of hazardous algae near Twatt.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The environmental health team of Shetland Islands Council has identified blue-green algae in the vicinity of Loch of North House, near the village of Twatt on the Shetland Mainland.

It is important not to mistake this with the village of Twatt in Orkney, which is situated near Loch of Boardhouse and remains free from such algae.

Warning signs were erected around the Loch yesterday, advising against any contact with the blue-green algae and prohibiting animals from drinking or swimming in the water.

Adjacent landowners have been notified about the situation, as have NHS Shetland and Shetland Angling Association.

The council may undertake additional water treatment measures to eliminate or extract the toxins. They emphasize that the current measures being taken are purely precautionary.

Individuals who come across blue-green algae at other locations in Shetland are requested to report it using the free Bloomin’ Algae app.

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