Brits travelling to Spain must prove they can spend £85 every day

Brits have reacted in fury over having to prove they can spend £85 per day when travelling to Spain over the summer.

The Spanish government has released new rules stating tourists from the UK need to show they have enough money to enjoy their stay.

Brits must also provide proof of accommodation and evidence of a return flight or onward ticket.

The move has been met with backlash from travel firms, with many arguing the UK contributes hugely to the Spanish tourism sector.

Social media users also hit out at the toughened policies, reports the Manchester Evening News, with some questioning whether they are even enforceable.

One person wrote: “Let’s see where they are going to get their tourism from now if people chose other countries.. good luck Spain!”

Another queried: “Is this even enforceable? To check if you have at least £600 to spend, they’d have to check your bank balance.

“Accommodation is no problem as we all had to fill in forms stating where we were staying. Return tickets, to check you’re not going rogue when you get there. It sounds like a misunderstanding to me, delivered as a way to scare people.”

And a third added: “Pretty obvious what the Spanish are trying to do, restrict people coming for a holiday who don’t have a lot of money.

“If people are on an all inclusive holiday they are not spending money in the local area, so not helping the local economy.”