British Airways passenger STABBED during flight from Gatwick in front of terrified travellers

A passenger on a British Airways flight to the Caribbean caused havoc by smashing a glass bottle and stabbing another passenger in a frenzied attack on Monday. Disturbing footage captures the moment when chaos erupted aboard flight BA2159 from Gatwick to St Lucia, approximately an hour and 20 minutes before landing, as a brawl unfolded among several passengers.

Given the ongoing brutal fight inside the cabin, the pilots had no choice but to proceed to Hewanorra International Airport in Vieux Fort, located on the island.

According to St Lucia Times, the altercation began when one passenger, engaged in a heated argument with another individual on the flight, suddenly snapped. The irate passenger stormed towards the galley area of the Boeing 777 jet.

Reportedly from St Lucia, the assailant, wearing a bucket hat and glasses, allegedly smashed a glass bottle in the galley, causing shards to scatter across the food preparation area. He then swiftly returned to the aisle and attacked his opponent with the jagged edges of the bottle. The nationality of the victim remains unknown.

Brave passengers and crew members intervened to separate the two individuals, but not before the unarmed passenger sustained a significant gash, resulting in blood splatters across the cabin.

A spokesperson for the St Lucia police confirmed that an investigation into the incident is currently underway. “We are immediately looking into this matter. This is an extremely serious incident that occurred on an aircraft. We consider this a highly grave situation.”

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