Brit ‘stuck in Kabul on holiday’ says he ‘accepts death’ as Taliban rampages through city

A BRIT who claims he is stuck in Kabul after going to Afghanistan on holiday has said he “accepts death” as the Taliban rampages through the city.

Miles Routledge, 22, who has a 4chan account, alleges he has been abandoned by the British Embassy and told worried pals on Facebook: “I’m in a bit of a pickle.”

He claims he is now hiding out in a United Nations safehouse in Kabul after apparently trying to flee the war-torn city several times, according to The Spectator.

The Loughborough physics student from Birmingham said he picked the location for his trip after googling “the most dangerous cities to visit”.

He has been documenting his trip on Twitch, the live streaming platform, and on 4chan, the message board site.

He told his viewers on Sunday: “I was fully prepared for death, I accepted it.

“This trip has been a test of God. I’m very religious so I believe I’ll be looked after. 

“Before I left I wrote a letter to my friends saying that if I died, not to feel guilty, that I would die happy and religious and proud.”

4chan is the origin of many Internet memes, but the site has also been linked to the hacking of celebrities’ iPhone photos and pranks against websites.

Miles added: “I was under the impression that the country wouldn’t fall for another month, so I thought it was going to be fine.

“I’d seen videos on YouTube of people going. I thought maybe the worst case would be food poisoning.”