Brit paedo teacher changed name to continue to commit sex crimes given 138-year jail sentence

A paedophile teacher who changed his name after being convicted of sex crimes in the UK has been handed a 138-year jail sentence in Spain.

Ben David Rose used forged legal references to get jobs abroad after he emigrated with a new identity following his prison let-off in England.

Today he was warned he faced the next two decades behind bars in Spain after being found guilty of abusing the trust of his employers to commit a new string of crimes against children as young as seven.

The 33-year-old deviant, tried behind closed doors during a three-day trial at Madrid’s Provincial Court at the start of May, is expected to serve 20 years in prison despite the longer sentence he has received.

David Rose, previously known as Ben David Lewis before he changed his name by deed poll, was handed a two-year suspended jail term in June 2016 at St Albans Court for sex crimes he committed at a summer camp he founded.

His first victims in Spain were the parents of three children based in the northern city of Zaragoza he tricked into hiring him two months later as an au pair.

He photographed them naked before posting sick snaps with his photoshopped private parts added in on underground child porn sites.

Three judges also ruled it had been proven in a 72-page sentencing document released today he had humiliated one of the girls he was paid to look after by pleasuring himself on a plate of spaghetti he then fed to her.

The pervert subsequently moved to Madrid where he got teaching jobs including one at a private school by forging legal references with a shop-bought rubber stamp.

David Rose also changed the numbers on one of his two passports to cheat background checks and worm his way into the lives of more than 30 seven and eight-year-old girls he abused at one school alone.

Prosecutors said in an indictment submitted to the court ahead of his trial the Brit paedophile also cheated Spanish criminal record checks by using a copy of an Israeli passport he had obtained in the name of Ben David Rose and doctored by changing the long MRZ number.

He took upskirt photos of the young girls at the school where he committed most of his offences.

The three judges who convicted and imprisoned him found him guilty of eight counts of making child pornography, a crime of inflicting degrading treatment on another person, 32 privacy offences and one count of forgery.