BREAKING NEWS: Panic as Trooping the Colour EVACUATED

A woman has fallen through a stand during a rehearsal for next week’s Trooping the Colour event and is feared to have sustained injuries.

Dozens of people had to be evacuated by emergency services today following the incident.

One witness said the event descended into “chaos” while another told the Daily Star there was “a lot of shouting”.

They said: “Soon after the parade started, there was a point where the guards stopped moving and there was a lot of shouting coming from the stands and what sounded like guards and police, but all overlapping, very different to the very organised and uniform shouting of queens guards calling out commands.

“It was very clear that there was an incident going on, at one point someone shouted very loudly ‘stop moving!’ which we could hear from the complete opposite side of the square.”

Another witness said: “We were told to stand and heard a scream and then there was chaos in the section.

“The striking thing was that there seemed to be complete confusion with police about what to do and where to find the victim under the bleachers.

“But the medics did the best they could with no guidance.”

More to follow…