BREAKING: Met Office finally declares SNOW is coming

The Met Office has indicated that snow is expected in the UK later this month.

This week, advanced weather modelling maps began to depict the possibility of the white stuff being on the horizon, with data suggesting cities across the country could be affected.

“Wintry showers” have now been included in the Met Office forecasts for the end of November and the start of December. For November 21 to 30, the national weather agency states that although temperatures will generally be “around or a little above average,” some “wintry showers” are likely over higher ground.

For December 1 to 15, the Met Office foresees “typical conditions for the time of year” with a “mix of bright spells, showers, and longer spells of rain.” The forecast states: “Temperatures will most likely be around average for the period as a whole, but as is normal in December, occasional frost and showers of a wintry flavor are possible.”

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