Boy, 8, with Covid left in coma after suffering rare side effect

An eight-year-old boy was placed in a coma after suffering a rare side effect of Covid-19 that is seen in children.

Cameron Brown was rushed to hospital three weeks after recovering from the virus.

When he first tested positive, the youngster showed no symptoms apart from some tiredness and was soon back to his ‘usual self’, his mum Lorraine said.

But several weeks later the family noticed a large lump on his neck and rashes on his body.

Four days later while watching television, Cameron complained to his mum that his vision was blurry.

Worried mum Lorraine and dad James rushed him to A&E where medics discovered he had PIMS.

The rare Covid linked syndrome affects children and causes serious inflammation throughout the body as the the immune system goes into overdrive, attacking the body.

Cameron deteriorated quickly and his heart began to fail.

Medics placed him in an induced coma and he was flown from Aberdeen Royal Infirmary to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.

The little fighter pulled through but James and Lorraine have issued a stark warning to parents to be aware of symptoms after admitting they knew nothing about PIMS before their son fell ill.