Bouncer says being called N-word was worse than being threatened with a knife

A bouncer who was racially abused by a woman outside a pub in Birmingham has said the incident affected him more than being threatened with a knife. 

Tristan Price, 26, had calmly denied the woman access to the Figure of Eight pub, in Broad Street, when she then responded by shoving him in the back, spitting at him and subjecting him to a barrage of racist abuse, including the n-word. 

Tristan, a powerlifter who has twice won British titles, was left shocked and ‘cut up’ by the incident. He said: ‘I have had a knife pulled on me while at work, which was pretty shocking. But this was worse, it affected me more because it was so vicious.

‘Too often when we speak up about racism like this it is brushed away but it’s a big issue and we need to talk about it.’

He added: ‘I don’t want to bring trouble to her door but this behaviour needs to be called out. It is completely unacceptable. People have killed themselves because of the racial abuse they suffer, and we can’t be silent about it.’

Tristan, who has been a doorman in Birmingham for just a year, said racist language has not been a regular occurrence in his experience.

But he described feeling a pressure to carry himself ‘calmly’ as his actions could be ‘magnified’ because of the colour of his skin. 

He changed his mind about speaking out about the incident when he thought of his niece and three nephews and their futures. He continued: ‘[I] thought it was just not right that they might face experiences like that in future. 

‘I like to hope that people will not judge me or anyone by the colour of our skin. If someone can say that to me she could equally say that to these beautiful little kids and that is just not acceptable.’