Banging heard in search for missing Titanic tourist submarine

Rescuers searching for a tourist submarine near the Titanic wreck in the North Atlantic have heard “noises” in the area where the vessel went missing on Sunday.

The US Coast Guard has reported that a Canadian P-3 aircraft detected the sounds, which are now being analyzed by US Navy experts. In order to investigate the source, underwater operations have been relocated.

However, the remote operated vehicles (ROVs) deployed thus far have produced no positive results, as stated by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard also tweeted in the early hours of Wednesday that the P-3 aircraft data has been shared with US Navy experts for further analysis, which will be taken into account for future search plans.

According to an internal memo from the US government, which has been viewed by American media outlets, intermittent “banging” sounds were heard every 30 minutes on Tuesday.

Additional sonar was employed four hours later, and the noises were still audible.

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