At least 78 dead and dozens missing after boat carrying migrants sinks

Greek authorities have announced that 78 people have died and several more are missing after a fishing vessel transporting migrants sank off the coast of Southern Greece.

A significant search and rescue operation has recovered 104 individuals, of which four have gone to hospital due to hypothermia symptoms.

The Greek coast guard has declared that they do not have precise knowledge of how many passengers are left at sea.

The incident occurred 45 miles southwest of the southern Peloponnese region in the early hours of the morning.

Aided by numerous navy and air force vehicles, search and rescue efforts are underway. Paramedics from the United Nations Refugee Agency and the ambulance services have ushered dozens of survivors to safety in designated areas at Kalamata port.

The vessel, which was en route to Italy, is thought to have departed from the Tobruk region in eastern Libya.

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