At least 31 people dead in horrific bus crash

At least thirty-one people lost their lives when a driver lost control of a crowded bus in Mali, Western Africa. The bus was on its way to neighbouring Burkina Faso from the Malian town of Kenieba on Tuesday when it violently overturned and plunged off a bridge.

At least 10 others sustained injuries, with some in serious condition. Local officials attributed the tragic incident to “the driver’s failure to control the vehicle.”

The transport ministry stated, “A bus that was leaving Kenieba commune for Burkina Faso tipped off a bridge. The likely cause is the driver losing control of the vehicle.”

It further mentioned that the victims included Malians and citizens of other West African countries. The horrifying crash occurred at around 5 p.m. on the bridge crossing the Bagoé River.

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