3-year-old toddler and two adults shot dead 

A tragic incident unfolded late Saturday at a Florida apartment complex, where a three-year-old child and two adults lost their lives due to a fatal shooting. Authorities have indicated that the incident appeared to stem from a dispute over the sale of a dog.

Assistant Chief J.D. Stronko of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office informed reporters that a group of five individuals, including the young child, had convened at a high-end apartment complex around 10 p.m. on Saturday to discuss the potential sale of a canine companion. It was during this gathering that a heated argument erupted, leading to gunfire.

Regrettably, the altercation resulted in the fatal shooting of the three victims, all of whom were in their 20s. Additionally, one adult from the group sustained injuries, although the extent of their condition remains unclear.

According to witnesses at the scene, two men made a hasty exit in a vehicle following the tragic shooting incident.

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