The tragic tot killed in a horror crash has been named as Ciaran Morris who was born four-weeks premature, his family have revealed.

The baby’s parents were also named as dad Camaron Morris and mum Codie Holyman, both aged 18.

Speaking at the scene, a woman describing herself as Cameron’s aunt, said: “The baby’s dad is my nephew Camaron Morris and the mum is Codie Holyman.

“They are both 18. I’m going to see him [Camaron] now in hospital. The baby was called Ciaran.

“He was four weeks premature, so he shouldn’t even have been here.”

Another woman who came to lay flowers said: “I didn’t know them personally but knew of them.

“They were really great parents and he was a sweet baby.

“It’s disgusting. He didn’t deserve to die.”

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