Meghan Markle’s former best friend Jessica Mulroney has left the Duchess of Sussex out of a touching social media tribute to her “best girlfriends”.

Mulroney, 41, a fashion designer and TV presenter, shared the tribute on Instagram at the weekend, posting a photo alongside socialite Krystal Koo, event producer Kellie Smith and entrepreneur Karolina Segal.

The caption reads: “So lucky to have the best girlfriends in my life. I’m not sure I would have made it without these three.”

Mulroney’s followers were quick to point out that Meghan had been left out of the tribute, but this can’t come as much of a surprise following a falling out between the pair following claims of racism made against Mulroney during the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Canadian stylist was called out by Black influencer Sasha Exeter for “offensive” messages and abusing her “white privilege”.

It sparked a controversy that saw Mulroney dropped from TV and brand deals, her name dragged through the press and her friendship with Meghan scrutinised.

“I still feel a lot of shame. I feel that people believe the worst in me,” Mulroney told the New York Post.

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