The Fort Worth Fire Department told The Sun that rescue teams were having to cut people out of vehicles on the I-35.

The spokesman added that many vehicles obtained “extensive damage.”

Officials are still searching through cars and trucks to make sure no one is still stuck inside.

MedStar confirmed that dozens of people were injured, with some people being in critical condition.

Officer Brad Perez confirmed to The Sun that there were five fatalities and that cops are still actively working on the accident.

There are at least 35 people hospitalized, with injuries ranging from minor to severe, the officer confirmed.

Footage, reportedly from the scene, showed several cars that were damaged.

Some vehicles were strewn across the freeway, and several huge trucks appeared to be involved.

The incident happened while the region is under a winter weather advisory.

At least 24 fire units responded to the huge pileup, Spectrum News reported.

Police confirmed that the incident was due to the weather and for drivers to expect “lengthy delays.”

The city experienced overnight freezing rain and some sleet, according to the Star Telegram.

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