You can buy singing Baby Shark cuddly toys for your kids this Christmas

IF YOU’RE a parent, there’s no way you’ve managed to get through this year without hearing the Baby Shark song.

Now you can buy your children singing Baby Shark toys for Christmas – if you can handle it.

Produced by WowWee for Pinkfong – the creator of the original song – there are cuddly Mummy, Daddy and Baby Shark toys on offer.

They don’t go on sale until December 15, but are available to pre-order on Amazon if you’re desperate to nab them for your kids’ stockings.

Unfortunately, they’re not exactly the cheapest of items.

They cost between $64.99 (£50) and $79.99 (£62), so let’s hope the tune doesn’t lose its popularity anytime soon.

There’s also another catch – the Baby Shark toy isn’t available in the UK.

If you’re not sure your little ones will be satisfied with Mummy and Daddy Shark by themselves, you may want to consider investing in Baby Shark cubes instead.

At $44.99 (£35), the small square-shaped versions are a little cheaper than their larger counterparts.

And with their singing function, they’ll annoy you just as much.

We know you love your kids, but it may be wise to keep your knowledge of these cuddly toys to yourself.

If you do choose to splash out – good luck.