Widow begs thief to return stolen phone with the last video of her late husband

A widow has pinned a note to her front door begging a thief to return a phone containing the last video of her husband.

The women from Willenhall said the footage was the “last memory” she had of her partner, who died last September.

“To whoever broke into my flat (home) two weeks ago today (while I was gardening) and stole my silver IMO phone with a Captain Jack sticker on the back, please return it.

“It has the very last video of my late husband on it (my children’s and grandchildren’s dad and grandad, respectively).

“The video was taken in 2017 at Christmas, and he passed away September 2018, so this is the last memory we have.

“I am the only one who had the video, so you can imagine how much it means to the family.

“Please, just return the phone, complete with the SIM card.”

– The Widow’s plea

A photograph of the note was posted to Twitter by Walsall North MP Eddie Hughes with a message sharing his sympathy.

He said: “Sad note on the front door of a flat in Cumberland Road, Willenhall, from an elderly lady who lost irreplaceable video of her late husband when her phone was stolen.

“I pray her phone is returned.”

Anyone with information should contact West Midlands Police.