Veteran Brexit Party voter who served in Army for 22 years is hit with milkshake

A BREXIT Party supporting pensioner was attacked with a milkshake outside a polling station this morning – days after Nigel Farage was drenched in a similar attack.

The man – who is believed to have served in the Armed Forces for 22 years – was left covered in the drink as he voted in Aldershot, Hampshire.

The man, named locally as Don, was filmed in the aftermath of the attack.

He tells the camera: “Some yob in his mid twenties [did it]. He came across, walked over to me, gave me the finger.

“And then he went over to the Co-Op, got a milkshake and threw it over me.”

Disgusted passer-by Lucy Blackman said the OAP had been attacked by a “disrespectful yob”.

While on social media it was claimed the man was an armed forces veteran of 22 years service.

Brexit Party boss Farage slammed the attack on Twitter, writing: “Yet more disgusting behaviour. When democracy fails, civility ends. Let’s get Brexit done and finish this.”

Lucy fumed: “This poor man was covered with milkshake this morning by a disrespectful yob.

“Whatever you are voting, it’s a democracy. We should be able to have a say without acts of violence.

“This could have been acid or anything. What has this country come to?”

Farage was drenched in a milkshake as he campaigned in Newcastle earlier this week.

He later raged at his security team after Corbyn fan Paul Crowther slung a salted caramel drink over him in front of jeering bystanders.

Farage also reportedly refused to get off campaign bus last night after people gathered round it carrying milkshakes.

Later the Brexit Party leader’s spokesman denied he was hiding on the top deck.

He said: “Nigel did media interviews on top of the campaign open-top bus and then got off to mix with supporters afterwards, taking photographs and signing boards.