Very worrying news coming from I’m A Celeb for Harry

Harry has lost around half a stone and his fellow campmates worry he will not make it to the end of the series

The man who would be jungle king Harry Redknapp is having to be “force fed” by his fellow campmates who fear he will not make it to the end of the series if he doesn’t eat more.

It has been revealed Harry, favourite to win the show, has lost around half a stone and often refuses to eat the meat won in Bushtucker trials.

The 69-year-old cannot smell the food and the sight of some of the rare outback raw meats has put him off and made him unable to stomach it, meaning his misses out on precious calories and becomes more frail.

Discussing Harry’s struggle, evicted contestant Malique Thompson-Dwyer said: “Harry is tired. A lot of the meat, because Harry has lost his sense of smell, all the meat just looks absolutely disgusting to him.

“There have been days where we have to pretty much force him to eat. He had a thing about the emu, he didnt like the emu, then he saw a crocodile’s head.

“We will get the meat and cook it and make the vegetables really nice and then sometimes he will say ‘I can’t eat the meat’. It depends what it is. He is a fussy eater so we try to make it as nice as possible. Like baby food yeah.”

Praising Nick Knowles’ efforts to make the food palatable for Harry, actor Malique added: Nick is a very good cook. If Nick wasnt there to cook the food I dont think Harry would have made it.”

After leaving the jungle on Sunday night, starving Malique who has lost six pounds on the show chomped down a full english breakfast before he left the jungle site.

He then returned to the posh Palazzo Versace hotel but nipped out to grab a nearby McDonalds for lunch.

Sitting down to reveal more secrets inside camp, Malique also said Noel Edmonds and Nick argued over the evolution of the world in scenes not shown on TV.

He said: “They did have disputes, not argumentative more like a debate. They debated evolution, Nick said we have all evolved from monkeys and I dont think Noel believes that. They did go head-to-head but Noel always leaves his answers open so you are left thinking ‘what?’.

“I dont think anyone in there is irritated by Nick, he is very handy in there.”

Malique also said the water being drunk in camp is hot and horrible leaving the contestants dehydrated as they try to avoid drinking too much of it.

Fans were confused when they saw he was wearing a backpack before his name was read out as being evicted, but he explained all contestants are told to pack their stuff before hosts Dec and Holly come into camp.

Malique also tipped Anne Hegerty not to quit now but instead leave the show when she is voted out.