UK weather update sees odds of White Christmas slashed across the country

BRITAIN is braced for a blast of icy air from Scandinavia next week – as the odds of a white Christmas in every British city is slashed.

Some parts of the country next week could drop to chilly temperatures of -6C overnight when the Nordic blast sweeps in.

It comes after heavy rain swept in from the Atlantic this morning with the South West, Wales and Scotland baring the brunt of the torrential downpours.

Dean Hall, a forecaster with the Met Office, told the Sun Online: “On Sunday it’s staying unsettled with more showers and rain, particularly first thing which could be accompanied by strong winds across the south. We could see strong gusts of wind.

“Through the day the showers will move away southwards and we will see cold north-westerly flow across the UK. It will be a day of sunshine and showers but will certainly feel colder.

“It will be a cold night going into Monday. There will be a sharp frost in northern and eastern parts with temperatures of -5 or -6 overnight when there are clear skies.”

On Monday it will become cloudier, with patchy light rain, before the chilly air from Scandinavia tries to push its way across the country on Tuesday and into next week.

Brian Gaze, forecaster for The Weather Outlook, told The Sun Online: “Next week a transition to colder weather looks likely as high pressure builds over Scandinavia and an easterly flow develops across the UK.

“That will pull much colder air in off the continent and there is an increasing chance of wintry showers in eastern counties”.

As temperatures fall next week, bookies have slashed the odds on every city in Britain seeing snow on Christmas Day.

Aberdeen is the most likely to see a White Christmas at 6/5 while London’s chances have been cut from 5/1 to 9/2.

Alex Apati, from Ladbrokes, said: “Weather-watching punters may be dreaming of a White Christmas, but the latest odds are suggesting they’ll be waking up to one and cashing in!”

But weatherman Derek Brockway urged caution saying the “milder air from the Atlantic will keep temperatures around or just above average”.

He said: “It is still far too early to say for certain what weather we will have on Christmas Day. Even in some of the mild Decembers of the past few decades, short-lived cold spells did crop up and even produced short spells of snow.”

Aberdeen – 6/5 (was 5/4)
Edinburgh – 6/4 (was 2/1)
Glasgow – 6/4 (was 2/1)
Newcastle – 9/4 (was 5/2)
Belfast – 3/1 (was 4/1)
Liverpool – 7/2 (was 4/1)
Manchester – 7/2 (was 4/1)
Birmingham – 4/1 (was 5/1)
Bristol – 9/2 (was 5/1)
Cardiff – 9/2 (was 5/1)
Dublin – 9/2 (was 5/1)
Leeds – 9/2 (was 5/1)
London – 9/2 (was 5/1)

(Ladbrokes latest betting)