UK weather forecast: Brits warned to brace for snow

BRITAIN will bask in balmy sunshine and above-average temperatures this weekend — before a cold snap threatens snow for parts next week.

Saturday will see sunshine for many as southerly winds and clear skies help the thermometers reach as high as 18C for many.

The warm weather will centre mainly around England and Wales — whereas further North and West temperatures will still hover around the mid-teens.

The average temperature for this time of year is a much chillier 13C.

A Met Office forecaster told The Sun Online: “Some parts of the UK will have lots of sunshine this weekend — but it’s a bit of a split really from Saturday to Sunday and onwards.

“On Saturday, England and Wales will get a lot of sunshine and with that we’ll see warm temperatures here.

“It could hit 17C or maybe 18C which is mild for the time of year, as the average is usually around 13C or 14C.

“Sunday will be cloudier when a weather front will come through bringing with it some colder temperatures.”

And snow is on the cards by the middle of next week as the cold snap sets in.

The meteorologist added: “This will mean most places will be colder — hopefully it will only be slightly noticeable.

“But it could bring some dustings of snow to the hills and mountains in the Scottish Highlands.

“It’s all still to play for as we are still a few days away from next week.

“But it is all reliant on the wind direction as high pressure shifts the wind direction to a colder air flow.”

The cold weather has already rolled in for some with thermometers showing -3.5C in Katesbridge, Northern Ireland on Wednesday night.

Tonight temperatures were expected to drop to -2C or -3C in the North East.

It follows days of balmy 23C temperatures and glorious sunshine earlier this week.