UK to bask in Easter sunshine as temperatures hit 20C in time for bank holiday

It might not feel like spring has officially sprung but you can all look forward to temperatures climbing for the Easter bank holiday. Don’t get too excited as this weekend will stay mild, but the mercury could rise to 20C in places by Good Friday.

Met Office meteorologist Helen Roberts said an easterly wind will make today and tomorrow feel cold, with temperatures struggling to get into double figures.

But by Thursday, she said temperatures will begin rising into the high teens.

She told ‘We could see temperatures up to 20C in some places, but it will be warm across the board for Easter.’ If you’re wondering what will happen today, forecaster Craig Snell said there will be sunshine in the west and temperatures reaching up to 13C in some areas, with some cloud and scattered showers over East Anglia.

Eastern areas are expected to be colder with temperatures of around 9C expected. On Sunday there will be some hazy sunshine with the chance of scattered showers. Mr Snell said: ‘We will lose the prolonged blue skies, and will see some sunshine.

‘But towards the end of the day, there will be some rain reaching for the west of Cornwall and the western parts of Northern Ireland. ‘Temperatures will slide to 10-12C in the west of the UK, whilst the east will increase to 8-10C. ‘It will be another chilly feeling day, but it won’t be bad if you are under the sun.’ Mr Snell said there will be a dry start to next week with a chance of scattered showers in the west.