UK braces for another day of awful weather but SUNSHINE is on its way

COLD showers will pummel Britain amid intense thunderstorms that also threaten torrential downpours of hail this week – before sunshine returns this weekend.

Met Office weather forecasters say heavy and thundery showers will continue today after a day of wall-to-wall rain across Britain on Wednesday.

A weather front is currently pushing in across north east England and south east Scotland which will keep persistent rain falling there throughout today.

Temperatures are also expected to only be in mid-to-high single figures on Thursday as a polar plunge continues to stifle temperatures.

Luke Miall, Met Office meteorologist, told The Sun Online: “The showers will develop to become quite heavy through the afternoon, again with the risk of hail and thunder.

“I suspect the main risk areas tomorrow will be running from Northern Ireland down through mid-Wales down towards the south and south east England.”

Across south west England and south west Wales there will be patchy rain but also some breaks of sunshine – especially in the afternoon.

Parts of northern and eastern Scotland, as well as north east England, will also begin to turn brighter on Thursday afternoon after a few wet days.

Mr Miall said: “In terms of temperatures, Thursday will be pretty cool across the country.

“We’re probably going to get a 15C in the south if you’re lucky – but that’s a little bit below average for this time of year.”

He added: “Some places in the north are probably struggling to get into double-figures, so it’ll be feeling cold here as well.”

Friday will continue the bright and damp theme as more hail and thunder threatens the skies.

But it will become more settled after that, with western areas in particular enjoying a much drier and sunnier day on Saturday.

Mr Maill said: “As we go into Sunday, high pressure then takes charge, so it’ll be much drier for everybody with long spells of sunshine.

“Overnight, it will turn quite cold again. So there is a risk of some frosts as we go through Friday and the weekend on the mornings, so gardeners beware, because it’s quite late in the season to get frosts.

“But signs are that things will turn a bit warmer as we go into next week.”