Supermarket Asda launches two new gins for summertime

Two new fruit-flavoured gins are launching for summer, with one tasting like refreshing watermelon and the other zesty lemon.

Inspired by Spanish fruits, the tipples are made by Verano (which literally means summer in Spanish), they’ll soon be stocked at Asda and will set you back £23 for a 70cl bottle of the stuff.

While the watermelon flavour has a millennial pink hue, the lemon one is completely transparent, meaning that not only do they taste good, but they could also make for a great Instagram .

Sadly, you still have a month to wait until they hit shelves, set to go on sale in Asda stores and on their website from 7th June.

Can’t wait that long? There is still one way you can get your hands on them before that – and it involves going to the pub.

As the drinks are currently being sold in 800 Stonegate Bars across the country, which includes Slug & Lettuce and Walkabout.

If you don’t want to splash out £23, or are desperate for a bottle to drink at home, we’ve spotted some fairly similar bottles on the high street.

For example, Tesco are currently selling Sipsmith’s Lemon Drizzle Gin for £20 if you’re after that summer citrus flavour, and while watermelon gin is rarer, Master of Malt do a cucamelon flavour bottle for £21.95.