Student refused entry to club ‘because he was wearing a Stone Island jacket’

A student claims he was made to feel like a ‘football hooligan’ after a club refused him entry because he was wearing a jacket worn by a character in the movie Green Street. 

Connor Lilley was out celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday on Saturday wearing a Stone Island jacket when he said he was barred from entering Filthy’s nightclub in Newcastle.

The jacket is famously worn by Charlie Hunnam in the film about football hooliganism between West Ham and Newcastle United fans where people from both clubs would clash before and after fixtures.

The night bouncers stopped 22-year-old Connor from entering the club after West Ham had beaten Newcastle at St James’ Park 3-0.

But Connor insisted: ‘The irony is, I don’t even like football.’

He said: ‘I wore it at 21, where I work, for dinner that night, and it is funny I can wear it there but not Filthy’s.’

He is now calling for bars to scrap ‘outdated’ dress codes.

He claimed: ‘The doorman told me that I could come inside if I turned my badge inside out.’

‘But what is a badge going to do? Is a badge going to turn me into a hooligan all of a sudden?

‘I thought they were joking at first.’

But the boss at Filthy’s claims Connor was not rejected for wearing the jacket, but because he was ‘intoxicated’, a claim Connor has branded ‘ridiculous’.

A spokesperson said: ‘People are allowed in wearing jeans and trainers – and if someone has a hat, we just ask them to take it off for the CCTV.

‘Speaking to our doorstaff, we understand he was rejected for being intoxicated.’

But Connor said: ‘I was out with my girlfriend – what harm was I going to do?’