Strictly pair WON’T dance with each other on this week’s show

KATYA Jones and her husband Neil won’t be dancing together again on Strictly Come Dancing following her snog with Seann Walsh.

A sneak peek at tomorrow night’s group dance revealed the couple had been kept apart again.

Last weekend, viewers spotted the couple did not dance together during the group extravaganza.

And it’s going to be the same this weekend, with the couple waltzing off with different professional partners.

Neil meanwhile will be working with Russian star Luba Mushtuk for the routine.

The dance is themed around baseball and the dancers will compete to see who is the best out of them.

Holding a baseball bat up to the camera, Katya joked it was “not very safe” to let her take it.

She explained: “I’m the captain of the girls’ team that play baseball. Me having a baseball bat, not very safe, everybody knows that. I literally whack it. Boom. Yeah that feels good.”

Pasha then added: “I’m the main player. While I have my opponent Katya who’s trying to take my spot.”

While all seemed positive, insiders told The Sun the professional group were struggling to keep their true feelings under wraps – with many siding with Neil after Katya snogged Seann.

A source explained: “Behind the scenes things could not be more different – Neil is a top bloke and an all-round good egg.

“He’s also an extremely talented choreographer who lends his time and talent to helping lots of the celeb pairings choreograph their routines.

“He has the full support of everyone on the show. They really feel for him.

“Katya and Seann on the other hand have become isolated, but Karen Clifton supporting Katya because she was on the receiving end last year.

“Everyone else is very much #TeamNeil.”

Comic Seann’s behaviour has been described as “cocky and arrogant” after the indiscretion – and the insider says that, for the first time in the show’s history, there is a genuine atmosphere backstage.