Spice Girls ‘abandon world tour’ amid Geri and Mel B sex bombshell

It’s been a rocky ride for the Spice Girls as of late, after Melanie Brown made the shock revelation that she and Geri Horner had enjoyed a romantic fling during their heyday in the band.

Geri, who is now married to Christian Horner, denied the claims, saying they were ‘simply not true’ – but Mel sticks by what she said, and is allegedly upset with Geri for making her look ‘like a liar’.

Despite Mel saying her confession ‘wasn’t a big deal,’ it seems the news has had a detrimental effect on the girls, with their plans for a world tour now up in the air.

A source told the Mail on Sunday, “It has been a hugely dramatic week. At one point last Sunday, the tour wasn’t happening.”

“They agreed that they had to do the British dates because they are under contract and they don’t want to let their fans down, but there won’t be any more.”

Mel C and Emma are reportedly acting as peacemakers between the girls amid rumours they can’t even be in the same room together.

But despite it all, the girls are determined for the tour to happen, with a source adding, “The gigs are going ahead no matter what, but all the girls are prepared for more epic rows.

“At the moment Geri doesn’t even want to be in the same room as Mel B. There’s no way more worldwide dates will be added.”

The star, known to fans as Ginger Spice, released a statement regarding the reports, which read, “It has been very disappointing to read about all these rumours again, especially on Mother’s Day of all days.

“Geri loves the Spice Girls: Emma [Bunton], Melanie [Brown], Melanie [Chisholm] and Victoria [Beckham]. She would like [the fans] to know that what has been reported recently is simply not true and has been very hurtful to her family.

“Moving forward, Geri can’t wait to see the girls and all the fans on the tour, have an amazing time with everyone, and make some new memories.”

But it seems Mel sticks by what she said, telling Australia’s 2Day 104.1 radio show hosts that it shouldn’t have been blown out of proportion.

“I didn’t actually really admit anything, I just admitted, you know, we had a bit of a thing back then and that’s it,” she said.

“It wasn’t like a big deal, we’ve known each other 20 plus years, it was just one thing that happened one night.”

The show must go on!