Snow may reach London this weekend as UK forecast could see ‘coldest Halloween for a CENTURY’

SNOW could reach the fringes of London this weekend, with the freezing weather predicted to bed in until next month.

Some forecasters claim this could be the coldest Halloween in almost a century, as temperatures drop dramatically.

The mercury could plummet as low as -5C – and feel even colder when wind chill is factored in – in some remote Scottish spots, with lows hovering around 0C in the south.

Cold Arctic air is set to sweep across the UK from Friday, bringing a much more wintry feel and forcing revellers to wrap up warm over the Halloween weekend.

Snowfall is expected to come with this plume of freezing air – and although mainly restricted to mountainous areas, some southern parts of England could see some flurries.

As temperatures fall in the coming days there is some suggestion this weekend may rival the coldest Halloween on record, of 1922 of -8.10C in Braemar in the Scottish Highlands.

North London, Cambridge and parts of Surrey and Kent may see a small scattering of snowflakes on Saturday evening, some weather charts predict.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden told the Express: “Snow showers are now likely to be seen in parts as far south as London, Wales, and parts of central England towards the end of this week.

“These are likely to be light and are not expected to cause any real issues but nevertheless it is still very early for wintry weather around the Capital.

“A continuation of this wintry weather will continue after the weekend and there will be further peppering of snow showers in the run up to Halloween and into the first part of next month.”

The Met Office is less confident about snow falling further south on low ground over the weekend, but also expects it will be “much colder and brighter from Friday with brisk winds and scattered heavy showers” with wintry showers on northern and Welsh hills.

A spokesman there also said their long range forecast shows Saturday will be distinctly cold with minimum temperatures hovering around -3/-4C in Scotland, but that temperatures could become milder following the weekend.

But Brian Gaze, director and forecaster for the Weather Outlook told The Sun Online he predicts lows of -5C, adding: “In Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar that scenario [of slow moving Scandinavian air] can lead to widespread snow as we saw in late Feb/Mar this year, but as it will still be October cold and wet conditions are a much more likely outcome.