Smirking mugshot of woman who attacked mother-to-be causing her to lose her baby

A woman who lost her baby after being assaulted by a teenage thug has said she was sickened when she saw her attacker smiling in a mugshot.

Jessie-May Turpin, 24, from Plymouth, cried when she saw the image of Jasmine Cochran, 19, after she was convicted of the assault.

It was even more painful as she later had a second fallopian tube removed over an unrelated condition, which meant she could no longer have children.

Ms Turpin said: ‘Her mugshot broke my heart. She ruined my life, and treated it all as a joke.’

The picture emerged after Cochran was sentenced to 12 months in prison in February after admitting to crimes including assault by beating, possession of a bladed article, threat of violence and criminal damage.

She had randomly attacked Ms Turpin on August 27, 2017, while she was walking home from getting food.

Ms Turpin, who was was three months pregnant at the time, added: ‘She came from behind and began kicking and punching me. I was screaming that I was pregnant, but she wouldn’t stop.

‘Eventually, she ran off and I called the police. I gave them my statement, then they dropped me home.

‘I was so upset and in so much pain. Looking back, I wish I’d gone to hospital, but I was in a complete state of shock and not thinking properly.

‘Deep down, I was already so sure that the unthinkable had happened to my baby, and I wasn’t sure I could stand to hear those words out loud from doctors.’

The next morning, after waking up still in agony, Ms Turpin’s worst fears were confirmed after she went to Derriford Hospital, in Plymouth.

She added: ‘They told me that I’d lost the baby. I never even found out the sex, it was heartbreaking.’

She then pressed charges and Cochran was arrested.

Ms Turpin said she could not know for sure Cochran caused the miscarriage but in her opinion it was her fault.

Cochran, from Greenbank, Plymouth, had also committed other crimes on the day she assaulted Ms Turpin, including criminal damage after showing up at a property armed with a knife and attempting to kick the door in.

Jailing her for a year, Judge Paul Darlow said of Cochran’s attack on Jessie-May: ‘You knew she was pregnant, she told you so. It was an attack that involved kicks as well as punches.

‘I’m afraid you are going inside.’

Judge Darlow added he was ‘astonished’ the offence was only ever recorded as an assault by beating

Ms Turpin was unhappy with the sentence Cochran got, adding: ‘I hate Jasmine for what she’s done. She only got sentenced to a year when, in my opinion, I lost my baby because of her. She should be locked up for much longer.’

She did not name the father of the baby who she had been dating when she fell pregnant.

Ms Turpin said she had mutual friends with Cochran but did not know her personally.