Shocked shopper finds live GECKO among raspberries she bought at Sainsbury’s

A shocked shopper couldn’t believe her eyes when she found a live gecko amongst her raspberries which she bought at Sainsbury’s.

A shopper passed over the punnet with the reptile to fellow costumer Laura Johnson on May 27.

It is unclear how the dark scaled gecko managed to find its way to the supermarket in Basildon, Essex, but the company says it has processes in place to ‘prevent these sorts of scaly surprises.’

Laura said:’I was approached by a fellow customer who had picked them up and she was worried about it being disposed of.

‘I passed it onto a supervisor and left it with him. I can only hope he or she wasn’t hurt.’

A spokesperson for the company added: ‘We’re investigating with our supplier.

‘We’re grateful to the customer and colleagues at our East Mayne store, who arranged for the gecko to be collected by the RSPCA.’

Geckos are found in every continent across the globe but prefer warm, tropical climates. 

Laura added that she saw a fellow shopper pick up the punnet: ‘Another customer bought them over to the self service til and the employee didn’t know what to do or didn’t want to touch it.’

It comes after another shopper found a live frog in a bag of spinach in their local Sainsbury’s last year.

James Brindsen, 47, from Sherborne in Dorset bought a bag of the ‘washed, ready to eat’ vegetable from the supermarket chain in September.

On his arrival home his wife discovered the amphibian nestled into the bag.   

James told MailOnline: ‘My wife was about to open the bag and let out a yelp and I was called down to the kitchen’.

The couple’s young son Lewis is ‘interested in animals’ so he let the frog free, in the hope it would find ‘refuge in our little habitat in the garden’.

James added: ‘We got in touch which Sainsbury’s over the phone and they offered to give us £20 on our nectar card and refund the spinach we purchased, 90p.’  

The frog looked really sleepy probably because of a lack of oxygen, this was definitely a lucky escape for it. 

A spokesperson for Sainsburys told MailOnline: ‘We are investigating this with our supplier, which has strict controls in place to prevent this from happening. 

‘We have apologised and arranged a gesture of goodwill’.