Revealed: Why Meghan Markle keeps touching her little baby bump

News broke of Meghan Markle’s pregnancy on the first day of her royal tour overseas with husband Prince Harry.

The royal couple arrived in Australia glowing and ever since that moment the public have been keeping a keen eye on Meghan’s growing bump.

People have showered the parents-to-be with gifts for their unborn child and taken delight at hearing Harry, 34, open up about becoming a parent and discussing their “little bump”.

He’s also recently revealed whether he’s hoping to have a boy or a girl.

But more than this there’s one thing that’s really captured the attention of royal fans -the fact that no matter where she is, the Duchess simply can’t stop touching and cradling her stomach.

We think it’s totally adorable, but we can’t help wondering why she’s doing it?

Thankfully a midwife has shared the answer.

Lesley Gilchrist co-founder of My Expert Midwife explained to MailOnline that it’s a “perfectly natural impulse” no matter the size of the bump, to instinctively protect her unborn baby.

She revealed that an expectant mother may touch their bump anytime as they navigate the changes in the body and experience new sensations.

“Although most women will start to feel their baby move by around 18-20 weeks, some women may feel this sooner,” says Lesley.

“Flutterings are the first sensations that are felt. However gas movement through the gut feels similar and this may cause an instinctive, involuntary touching of the stomach.

“It’s not uncommon for women at a similar stage to the Duchess of Sussex to feel those sensations.”

She added: “Those feelings of your baby moving are extremely special for women. It is such an amazing time.”

However not everyone is aware of this, and many people on social media have branded Meghan’s actions “staged”.

One Twitter user wrote: “I’m not sure if it’s a natural thing to do when pregnant or whether it’s a little bit staged.”

Another commented: “Sick of the sight of Meghan Sparkle touching that non existent baby bump in every picture! #Embarrassing”

A third added: “All of a sudden Meghan has started locking her hands right on her tummy. Yeah, the world knows you’re pregnant. Don’t over-do it.”

But others were quick to come to her defense.

“I think it’s sad that people are questioning Meghan’s sincerity surrounding her bump. I once had a baby growing inside me, I can remember feeling a protection of it regardless of it only being a bean. I lost that baby. Touching my tum was the only connection I ever had to it,” said someone else.