Radio star Chris Evans drops massive clue Meghan Markle has already given birth to Royal Baby

Chris Evans has dropped an enormous clue that Meghan Markle has already given birth to the royal baby . 

Meghan and Prince Harry – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – have been teasing fans with posts on their official Instagram , but as yet there’s no sign of Baby Sussex, despite Meghan revealing she was due towards the end of April. 

Now DJ Chris believes he “knows” something about the birth, which he said was given away by none other than the Queen herself.

“We sit here still finding ourselves. Some say minus a new royal baby or do we… ladies and gentleman?” he told listeners on his Virgin Radio Breakfast show today.

News presenter Rachel Horne asked him, “What do you know?” to which Chris replied: “I’m not sure what I know, but I think I know something.”

Teasing his special secret, the radio presenter said he’d tell listeners after the next track – but Rachel interrupted and demanded to be given a hint.

“Well, there’s more than a hint, what more of a hint do you want, other than the fact that I think there might be a new royal baby already?” Chris said.

“I’m just saying, I’m just putting it out there, right? The Queen has been to see Meghan and Harry!”

The monarch did indeed pay a secret visit to the newlyweds’ new home at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, where they’ve moved in preparation for their new arrival. 

Queen Elizabeth wanted to welcome her grandson and his bride to their new pad by being their first visitor, royal sources announced yesterday, but Chris pointed out this is not usual protocol/

“Now, she doesn’t do that. That’s all I’m saying,” he said.

Rachel then asked: “When, when, was it last night, was it this morning, middle of the night? I need details.”

“Why?” Chris questioned.

“Because I need to know these things,” Rachel pointed out.

“The Queen has been to see them. Now, that doesn’t happen,” the presenter added.

Meghan and Harry, who married in May 2018, have already announced they are breaking with tradition by not posing with their baby hours after the birth – unlike Kate Middleton and Prince William, who showed off Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis on the steps of St Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing after they each arrived.