Protestors throw milkshake over pro-Trump supporter in London

THIS is the shocking moment a mob of protesters chanting “Nazi scum” hurl a milkshake over a Trump fan moments after Jeremy Corbyn gave a ranting anti-hate speech.

A large group of furious people were filmed surrounding a man, who was left to fend for himself as the baying crowd turned on him.

The frenzy happened just after Labour leader Mr Corbyn addressed the protest crowds with a message accusing Donald Trump of spreading hate.

Mr Corbyn had just told the same group of people Mr Trump has “created a greater sense of hate and hatred that goes with it” and lecturing on “peace”, before this man was targeted.

The man, who didn’t want to be named, said he was “angry” to have been attacked.

“I had to fight them off,” the Londoner said, adding: “I don’t get intimidated by them fascists.”

The group, holding banners and placards denouncing the US President’s visit, were filmed shouting at the pro-Trump campaigner as they jostle outside the Houses of Parliament.

As a snarling woman shouts at his face, the man tells the group “I’m here to stay”, before anger erupts.

Someone throws a milkshake directly at the man, who’s distinctive hat appears to have been knocked off in the tussle, and the group cheers.

The man picks up what appears to be a McDonald’s milkshake cup, and lobs it at a photographer.

He then tries to take on members of the group and lunges at the jeering mob, as a lone cop tries to keep the situation under control, before eventually more cops rush in to escort him away.

It is not known exactly what happened to spark the anger and outburst, but he had reportedly been heard arguing with an anti-Trump protester about Parliament.

Explaining his support for the President, the man said: “Because he’s done more than he said he was going to do for America.”

He added: “He’s true to his word when he said he wants to make America great again.”

The US President earlier slammed Mr Corbyn for being “negative” as he revealed he wanted to meet him after all.

He said: “He wanted to meet, today or tomorrow, I decided I would not do that.”