Panicking plane passenger ‘almost sucked into jet engine’

A panicking plane passenger was almost ‘sucked into a jet engine’ after opening a cabin door just before take off.

The panic stricken passenger was on a Frontier Airlines plane to St Louis, Missouri, from Cancun, Mexico, when he became ill.

In a shocking video, recorded by passenger Kathleen Ingram, the man is seen opening the cabin door in a panic while the powerful jet engines were running.

Witnesses said the man began to be sick while the aircraft was taxiing in preparation for take off.

Passengers then claim he then ran up to the cockpit and started pounding on the door.  

Cabin crew intervened and returned the man to his seat, but he then got up and opened the cabin door.

Startled passengers and staff on board the plane tried to restrain him from leaping out of the plane, and possibly into the powerful jet engines.

The unidentified man was on a flight with his father, and had been assaulted the previous night at his hotel in Mexico, Fox News reported.  

The passenger’s mother said his father had taken him on a trip to Cancun in Mexico.

She also suggested his drink was spiked.

The passenger who recorded the video, Ms Ingham, wrote on Facebook: ‘Thank God for the brave men and women who held him in the plane or he for sure would have been sucked into the engine’.

Police took the unidentified passenger from the aircraft and he later went to hospital.

The plane was grounded and travellers were given other flights or hotel rooms.